One of the worst places an environmental disaster can happen is in an aquatic ecosystem. Lakes, rivers, streams and marshes all play a pivotal role for flora and fauna, and for our society. They act as habitat for fish, fowl and mammals alike, and are irreplaceable filters for our water supplies.

Contaminated sediments, invasive vegetation, removing waste and debris from watercourses (aquatic habitat restoration): we can help restore affected areas to their natural state.

However, human activity inevitably creates circumstances where dangerous products are handled in the immediate vicinity of water bodies. Therefore, the proximity of dangerous products alone entails a risk of contamination.

We can convert our equipment from a dredging operation to a conventional excavator type intervention in less than an hour.

An ECO-friendly solution

Why ECO Technologies is the environmentally-friendly solution for aquatic habitats:

  • Typically, no cranes are required to load or offload our equipment;
  • Similar to a boat or barge, our equipment exerts little to no ground pressure, ideal for sensitive areas;
  • All hydraulic fluids in our equipment are biodegradable (blend of oleic vegetable oils);
  • Our proprietary designed bucket-pumps:
    • generate minimal turbidity during dredging operations;
    • are highly efficient in handling heavy / dense materials;
  • Our versatile equipment can go from a dredging/pumping operation to an excavator type intervention in less than an hour;
  • Contaminated materials can be stored and dewatered in geotextile bags;
    • Final disposal can then occur at a later date, once material is sufficiently
  • Using various attachments, we can “harvest” invasive vegetation species and ferry the material to shore using a barge, where a land-based team of trucks and excavators will ensure proper disposal at a pre-approved location. dewatered, at a pre-approved location;

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