ECO Technologies’ History: The company was established in 1992 to meet specific needs in aquatic based interventions, including dredging and other excavator-specific operations, while being mindful and respectful of the environment. 

Having identified a lack of marine and environmental dredging capacity and expertise, Mr. Paul Laplante, an experienced lobster fisherman and founder of ECO Technologies, would write the first line of a great story by purchasing his first amphibious excavator.

In an effort to develop additional revenue generating opportunities, and maintain the employee base he had established, he soon developed an expertise in preventive ice breaking for spring flood mitigation.

The versatility of the equipment will allow ECO Technologies to fill a gap in the environmental market. Offering a safe alternative for projects requiring excavation-type interventions in wet and sensitive ecosystems where the use of conventional excavators is neither practical, nor recommended. As ECO Technologies reputation grew, so did its’ offering, adding new variants to its’ service base, including pipeline installation, aquatic habitat restoration and sludge dewatering using geotextile tubes.

To meet demand, and expand its fields of activities, ECO Technologies proceeded to purchase additional amphibious excavators over the years.

Seeing great potential in developing ECO Technologies further, a new ownership group completed the acquisition of the company in July of 2013. With strong backgrounds in business development, sales, marketing, project management and finance, we are focused on growth in key market segments where our specialized offering will translate into increased value to our growing customer base.