Industrial operations often require large volumes of water and generate process waste, generally stored in containment cells known as lagoons or ponds. As older producing sites have accumulated years of production waste (commonly referred to as “tailings” in the mining industry), companies are increasingly being held to higher environmental standards to better manage their production waste, as well as the water circulating throughout the production cycle.

Dredging tailings ponds and industrial lagoons represents a “cost-of-doing-business” to an operation, a “necessary evil” of sorts.

Keeping costs low while ensuring the job gets done right is critical.

In the harsh industrial conditions as can be found in the environmental settings mentioned above, safety and efficiency are paramount to keep everyone safe, while maintaining efficient operations to meet budgetary and timeline targets.

We strive to maintain our exemplary record of employee safety and client satisfaction by combining:

  • Hands-on training procedures, including senior-operator shadowing;
  • Dynamic HS&E and risk assessment protocols;
  • Turn-key ability / autonomy on a jobsite;
  • Highly productive, proprietary designed pumping equipment;



Our proprietary-designed equipment is best known for pumping high density materials (high solids/water ratio)

We value our clients.

Understanding your corporate values, goals and constraints, helps us deliver a targeted solution adapted to your operations and requirements. To this end, we take time to fully understand the project at hand so we can tailor a Scope Of Work based on your needs and expectations.

Other services include dewatering the dredged material before final disposal, as well as:

Through constructive dialogue, we can develop a custom-designed intervention to meet or exceed your expectations.

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