For coastal communities, access to the sea represents their livelihood.

Whether it be for cultural, recreational or financial reasons, the ability to safely navigate in and out of marinas and wharfs is critical. However, coastal areas are also subject to severe storms causing infilling of navigation channels/gullies overnight.

To keep navigation channels, marinas and wharfs safe to navigate, dredging is required on a regular basis.

What’s more, dredging in coastal environments requires a level of dedication and knowledge that can only be found among the most seasoned operators.

Dealing with strong winds, rising tides, wave action, shifting weather patterns: these conditions are all part of day-to-day work environments for dredging crews.

Enter ECO Technologies!

With over 15 years of dredging experience in coastal environments, we have successfully completed a multitude of dredging contracts, helping to keep waterways safe for fishermen and boating enthusiasts alike.

Most of our team members have had years of experience as fishermen before joining ECO Technologies, for whom the essential attributes listed above come as second nature.

When combining a technically strong and dedicated workforce with an efficient and versatile fleet of equipment, and a management team with a proven track record for success: The result is a very interesting value proposition for clients.

Other services include dewatering sludge and sediments before final disposal, as well as:


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