Eastern Canada is no stranger to severe winter conditions, which inevitably leads to ice forming on rivers. Typically, the longer and colder the winter, the thicker the ice.

And of course, winter also means snow accumulating throughout the landscape, acting as a dormant reservoir of water waiting to be released once spring arrives. That’s when preventive ice breaking can be a game changer!

Although large snow amounts or thick ice covers on rivers are not problematic on their own, warmer temperatures and heavy rains, which are common during spring months, create the perfect conditions for ice jams, and ultimately, spring flooding. Our teams have the expertise to put together a preventive ice breaking intervention to help with spring flood mitigation.

A unique solution to a uniquely Northern problem!

In the weeks leading up to spring, our teams can be found working day and night across Eastern Canada’s frozen landscape to weaken the ice cover on rivers and mitigate risks of flooding once the spring thaw occurs.

Using our amphibious excavators, which have been extensively modified and strengthened to endure the extreme tensions and pressures related to a preventive ice-breaking operation, our highly skilled operators deftly maneuver their equipment, weakening the ice cover and sending small ice chunks flowing down river, minimizing the risk of ice jams forming once waters rise due to spring conditions.

In order to mitigate flood risks due to ice jams, ECO Technologies works with community stakeholders to develop site-specific preventive ice-breaking strategies.

During this period, availability is limited. Which means our ability to help communities is limited to a select few. We strongly suggest that communities contact us well in advance in order to schedule a preventive ice-breaking operation in their community.

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