Backed by experienced operators, a solid management team and the most versatile and productive fleet of hybrid dredges/amphibious excavators in Eastern Canada, ECO Technologies offers a variety of aquatic-based services.

From the most pristine environments like marshes and lakes, to the harshest industrial conditions found in mine tailings and refinery settling ponds, we have the expertise, experience and dedication required to deliver.

Take a few minutes to view our corporate presentation below, and see how our unique offering can truly add value to your projects:


What’s more, our dredging equipment has undergone extensive modifications and improvements through applied R&D over the years to increase productivity and efficiency, leading to an impressive ability to displace large volumes of slurry having high solid/liquid ratios.

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ECO Technologies – Services

Most of our services fit within these six (6) categories. Click on any category to see how we can help:

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